About Us

Founded in 2015, SORSOR Architects is a prominent architecture and interior design studio located in the capital of Cambodia. With passion and experiences, we are committed to creating space that is memorable and functional for our clients, and at the same time, factoring in elements of unique aesthetic design, local contexts, materiality, as well as human-nature connection. Needa Restaurant, 2004 Mixed-Use Building, SCE Office Building, Residencial and Chatramue BKK are some of our proudest projects within our diverse portfolio. At SORSOR, we continue to strongly stand by our mindset in producing works where quality and visual attractiveness come together hands in hands.

Our Story

Starting out with projects mostly on renovations, we have quickly grown to score more of projects design from scratch for high-rise and bigger structure, due to clients’ recognition on our polished work outcome. We have always been along side our customers through out the construction phase of the projects in which we assist in more than just designing by performing site visits and implementing materiality check to ensure precise end results. We believe design should always have a positive impact on the dwellers by providing them meaningful and exciting experiences.


With expanding recognition for the need and significance of professional design within the region, SORSOR aspires to be the force behind the ever-expanding architecture scene where architectural aesthetic is being more appreciated. In the years to come, we also aim to be a major partner for our clients in their businesses’ competitive strategy by providing captivating design for their spaces, which is a crucial selling element in this era. Being a driving factor behind Cambodia’s influential architectural landscape within the decade to come and leading it toward global reputation is how we envision ourselves.



Here at SORSOR, we strive to enthusiastically deliver to our clients desirable outcomes that truly reflects their ideas. Our goal is to employ a higher level of the component of sustainability into our designs and retain it among other top priorities in our work process.